Ornafish Koi

Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. is part of Aquatic wholesale Group BV. Within our company group we import, export, manufacture, farm and distribute Koi, Tropical and Pond Fish, Aquarium Plants, and Aquarium & Pond accessories to wholesalers and retailers all over Europe and other parts of the World.

Aquatic Wholesale Group was founded in 1986 and has grown from a one-man operation into an international group of companies with activities in many different countries, check out our website and look at links for information about our activities.

All Aquatic Wholesale Group activities are built with a long term strategy, we want to promote Koi and fish keeping by supplying the best livestock and accessories, and make fish keepers hobby successful, happy fish keeping and happy customers ensure the future of our customers and our company.

The Start

Ornafish started in Japan in 1997 because we were not happy with the supplies of Koi. So we went out to Japan and set up our own company and made big improvements in quality, quarantine and logistics of Japanese Koi.

Our export system and health strategies are now followed by most Koi exporters, however we where the first to implement this system and continue to be the leader in Koi health and export management.

We started in Japan because we need the best Koi for our own wholesale facilities in Europe, we know the business and we know how to serve you best.

Ojiya, Japan

To be on top of stocks, health and communication with the Koi breeders we have a permanent base in Ojiya the centre of the Japanese Koi industry. Our team in Japan is there for you, to support you with the best Koi and service!

However, the support from our teams in Holland, France, Germany and UK, as well as our agents worldwide are of equal importance. Together with them and our breeders we work on quality. Not only the most beautiful Koi, but also healthy, on scheduled shipments, with professional logistics and with after sales service and support.

We are the most reliable source for Niigata Koi, both by our service in Japan and in Europe, but also by our long term company strategy of serving customers not one time, but for many more years to come.

Trade only

Ornafish supplies only to the professional trade in Koi properly registered. Private customers, Koi hobbyist should contact our dealers World Wide who will be happy to provide you with information about our Koi.

Interested ?

Don't hesitate to contact us. Through E-mail or by Phone we are always happy to hear from you. Or to really get to know us, visit Japan!

We look forward to hear from you.