Why doesn’t Ornafish Japan sell Koi to hobbyists?

If there’s one question we get more than anything else, it’s how can you, the hobbyist, buy our Koi. Maybe it’s your grail Koi that you’ve been wanting for as long as you’ve had a Koi Pond, or maybe you saw a Koi or box we posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube that you just have to have. Whatever the case, a lot of you want our Koi, and we are incredibly grateful to you.

The bad news is that we don’t sell directly to hobbyists. In order to buy from us, you need to be a retailer. And we understand how disappointing and, at times, frustrating that can be.
Ornafish Japan believes the foundation of the hobby lies with the local Koi store; and if we’re going to work towards a stronger hobby, we need to be reinforcing that foundation. A good local Koi store is a place where you go not only to buy Koi, but to learn about the latest and greatest products, get new ideas and inspiration, and develop community relationships with other Koikichi.
If Ornafish Japan were to sell directly to hobbyists, we would be directly competing with the same retailers we are trying to support. We’d be trading some short-term sales for the long-term health and viability of the hobby, and that would hurt everyone involved.
We highly encourage all hobbyists to support their local Koi store. Find your local Ornafish retailer and ask them to special order that Koi you have your heart set on. If your local store doesn’t order from us, tell them you want that awesome Koi you just saw and ask that they contact us to discuss becoming a customer. Check out our dealer-locator to find the nearest Ornafish dealer to you!

How do I become a registered dealer?

Do you want to become one of our trusted dealers? You will have to fill in our request form or send an email to info@ornafish.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please remember that, as we only serve professional importers, you need to provide us with a viable Tax and business registration number.

What is WYSIWYG?

What is the meaning of WYSIWYG? WYSIWYG is the abbreviation of What You See Is What You Get.

WYSIWYG boxes are selected boxes, the Koi stated on the picture and or video will be the actual Koi that you receive.

What does the Green, Blue and Orange dots mean in Stock?

In Stock we show a Green, Blue or Orange dot at each item. These dots are here to show you the availability from the item:

The Green dot means that there are more than 10 boxes available.
The Blue dot means that there are between 5-10 boxes available.
The Orange dot means that there are less than 5 boxes available.

Who is Ornafish Japan?

Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. is a registered Japanese Company with European and Japanese staff living permanently in Japan. We are part of Aquatic Wholesale Group, founded in 1986, the biggest specialist in ornamental fish and accessories manufacturer and wholesaler in Europe.

The Aquatic Wholesale Group companies import, export, manufacture, farm and distribute Koi, Tropical and Pond Fish, Aquarium Plants and Aquarium & Pond accessories to wholesalers and retailers all over Europe and other parts of the World.

When you buy Koi Carp from Ornafish, you buy from the most trusted source. We are a family owned business, with a strong financial background, with 200+ team members working in our global operations. We can promise you honest service, for many years to come.