This Privacy Policy applies to the website (hereafter the Website) operated by Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V., whose seat is registered at Vlietweg 8, 4791 EZ, Klundert, Nederland, under the number NL 805875116.B.01 (hereafter 'Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V.', 'we' or 'us').

The Website has been established to keep the public and visitors thereto (hereafter ‘Visitors’ or ‘you’) informed of the Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V. product and services.

Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V. acts as data ‘controller’ and as such it is responsible for the collection and use of your personal data collected from or through the Website.

The following policy explains the different elements of personal data that will be collected, the purposes of collection, any sharing of that data with third parties, your rights as the data subject and the measures taken to protect your personal data.

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies to the data collected through cookies.


As you browse the Website, Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V. will collect the following personal data:

  • Cookies: this covers data on when you access the Website, any personalized settings, and your browsing behaviour. We collect this information through automated means as you browse the Website. You will be asked to consent to the use of cookies through a Cookie Banner. Cookies are necessary to optimize navigation and your browsing experience, for more information see our Cookie Policy.
  • Identification data: only if you decide to provide identification information on the Website, such as your email address.

All data provided is done so on a voluntary basis. We rely on your consent to process your personal data.

We will only use your data for marketing purposes if and after you expressly consented to it. You can always withdraw consent (see hereunder section 4.3).

Please note that whenever you use our contact facilities, including the helpdesk services linked to the Belgian Mobile ID App and Website, your messages (voice, text or otherwise) and any related technical information (such origin of communication, time and duration of the communication, claimed identities of the participants) may be recorded and stored for a maximum of one month, in order to permit us to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of our contact facilities, and in order to address any attempted unlawful uses of our contact facilities.


We use the personal data you provide:

  • To keep you informed of any developments linked to our products and services;
  • To respond to any enquiries you may make;
  • For direct marketing purposes (only if you agreed to it by ticking the relevant box);
  • To evaluate and improve our Website;
  • To comply with applicable legal requirements and industry standards;
  • To perform auditing, research and analysis in order to maintain, protect and improve our services.

Please bear in mind; we use your data for 2 years starting from when it was originally collected and store all data over a period of ten years maximum for evidentiary purposes. Should we use data for other purposes you will be provided with specific notice at the time of collection.

Since purchase of the koi is done in Japan, your data may possibly be processed outside the European Union.


We do not sell or otherwise disclose the personal data we collect to third parties, except as described in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise disclosed to you at the time of collection.

We may share personal data with affiliates or third parties who perform data processing activities on our behalf. As far as these service providers are acting as data processor, on our behalf, we do not authorize them to use or disclose the data in any way except as specified in this Privacy Policy. We require that these data processors appropriately safeguard the privacy and security of the personal data they process on our behalf.

We may also disclose your personal data: (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process, (ii) to law enforcement authorities or other government officials, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss, or (iv) in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity.

We also reserve the right to transfer any personal data in the event we would sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets. Should such a sale or transfer occur, we will use reasonable efforts to direct the transferee to use personal information you have provided to us in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.


4.1. Access and Rectification

You may exercise your right to access and rectify any of your personal data at any time, in accordance with the Dutch This can be done by sending a request with a copy of your ID card (passport or other proof of identity) to or in writing to Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V., Vlietweg 8, 4791 EZ Klundert, Nederland.

Please note that cookies can be managed through your web browser. For more information on configuring your cookie preferences see our Cookie Policy.

4.2. Erasure

You may at any time exercise your right to data deletion in accordance with data protection regulations, by sending a request with a copy of your ID card (passport or other proof of identity) to or in writing to Belgian Mobile ID SA/NV, Place Sainte-Gudule 5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Belgian Mobile ID will refrain from using any of your personal data upon this request and will only continue to store any past personal data for evidentiary purposes over a period of maximum ten years.

4.3. Objection

When visiting the Website you will be requested to consent to certain data processing activities. You have the right to withdraw your consent at all times.

Notably, should you no longer wish to allow your data to be processed for direct marketing purposes; you can always opt-out. Please send your objection, with a copy of your ID card (passport or other proof of identity) to or in writing to Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V., Vlietweg 8, 4791 EZ Klundert, Nederland.

Such withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of past data processing and it can, however, impact your continued use of the Website. Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V. cannot provide its services without processing necessary elements of your personal data.

At any point, should you deem that any of your rights have not been respected. You may also lodge a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (see:


We maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, misuse, and any other unlawful forms of processing of the personal data in our possession.

The security measures we take vary depending on the type of data processed and how it is collected and/or stored. When you provide personal data online, we use the industry standard for encryption on the Internet – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology – to help protect the data that you provide. This Internet encryption standard scrambles data as it travels from your device to our server. We also use digital certificates to ensure that you are connected to authentic channels.

Please note however that usage logs may be kept for a period of maximum ten years from the last time you logged on to the Website.


We do not transfer any of your personal data in any manner not specified here above.


This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal data practices. We will post a prominent notice on our Website to notify you of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy and indicate at the top of the notice the date at which it was last amended.


If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, if you would like to exercise your rights, or to update the information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us here:

Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V.

Vlietweg 8
4791 EZ Klundert
+ 31 (0) 652 055 244
NL 805875116.B.01

Cookie Policy

If you have any further questions about this Privacy Policy, wish to exercise your rights, or wish to change the information or settings provided by you, please contact us here:


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This Cookie Policy applies to all websites operated by Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V. and notably (hereunder the ‘Website’). Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V. is registered with the authorities at Vlietweg 8, 4791 EZ, Klundert, Nederland, under the number NL 805875116.B.01 (hereunder 'Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. - AQUADISTRI B.V.', 'we' or 'us').

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A cookie is a small text file that the Website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the Website. It enables the Website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the Website or browse from one page to another.

Cookies are used to optimize your browsing experience and simplify transactions online. Cookies allow us to recognize you every time you visit the Website and to recall personalized settings. This facilitates and improves your browsing experience. Furthermore, we collect data on how the Website is accessed to improve their overall performance in terms of speed and functionality/ease of use.

They do not operate independently from the Website or, in any manner, access data from your computer or phone.


3.1. We use the following different types of cookies:

Navigation Cookies

These cookies are necessary to enable web browsing and different functions attached thereto. The cookies allow you to navigate from one webpage to the next and store information necessary for filling in forms. Should You refuse these cookies, then different Website functions will be hindered (either completely or partially).

Functional Cookies

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Google's Tracking Cookies for analysis purposes

These cookies are used to follow your activity on the Website. They gather the following types of data: number of visits to the Website, the duration of a session and any campaign data.


The data collected from the cookies will be used in line with our Privacy Policy. In this respect, we only share your data with third party that performs data processing activities on our behalf and in line with our policies.

First and foremost, any personal data collected through the cookies is used to improve your browsing experience and to improve our Website. We further use such personal data to study purchasing behaviour and preferences for our general market research.

Certain cookies only store and use data for the duration of your visit to the Website, such as the navigation cookies. Data collected from the functional and tracking cookies will be used so long as you continue to visit the Website and will be stored for a period of 2 years after your last active consultation of the Website, after which these data will be deleted


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