Join us in Japan to select your own Koi.

In spring and autumn we organise trips in Niigata Japan. For most customers we organise all, that sounds simple, and that's what it is, we offer a "package deal" including flights, hotel, transportation and food, all you need to do is travel and select the best Koi. Our professional staff escort you on visits. They advise, translate, negotiate and organise everything during visits to farms.

For those customers who prefer to do it all by themselves we support them with planning, translation, health, shipping and documentation services, just as you need, we are happy to provide.

Visiting breeders

Ornafish made a clear choice for Niigata, here we can find many breeders in a small area, al close to each other, it is easy to travel and visit many different farms in one day, so that you can find the Koi you need. We select our breeders based on many years experience, good health, interesting varieties and honest dealing are key words.

Our huge buying volume will help you to get the best deals for the Koi you like.

There are 2 major seasons in Niigata to select Koi. The time to buy small and young Koi in spring and the Mud Pond harvest in Autumn, depending on the Koi you need this is the general guideline. If you are mainly interested in fish ranging from 8 till 35 cm the time to do business is February, March and April. If you are looking for bigger high quality fish 30 cm and beyond you have to visit in October or November.

Our normal Japan trips arrive on Sunday, followed by breeder visits from Monday to Friday, and return home on Friday night or Saturday. Everyone who is travelling to Japan to go "Koi hunting" will remember his first trip.

Just because it's so impressive. If your business is quality Koi, don't wait any longer.

Interested ?

If you are interested in visiting us in Japan please contact our office in Japan so we can send you more information and a special offer and registration form for your trip.

Due to the short seasons spaces are always limited, please book early to make sure we can accommodate you in the week of your choice.